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Jeremiah 18: 6 KJV

Based on Biblical Text Jeremiah 18:6 KJV

O House of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter?, saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are ye in Mine hand, O House of Israel.

There is so much we can learn from this very short passage of scripture. We learn that God speaks to His appointed spokesman – in this case, the Prophet Jeremiah. We also learn that God sometimes gives orders that seem a bit strange and maybe even illogical.

There was a time when God told Noah to build an ark in the middle of a desert because rain was on the way. Interestingly, Noah, who had never seen rain, could not have been able to envision the amount of rain God was talking about; however, he obeyed these strange orders from the Lord.

The Bible tells us of a time when God ordered Abraham to leave the comforts of his home and the familiarity of his surroundings to strike out in a new direction. God never told Abraham where he was going or what he would be doing. God commanded “go” and Abraham, the servant of God, left his wealthy family and all he knew behind and set his direction toward wherever.

In our text we find that God orders Jeremiah to take a break from his busy schedule to go to the shopping district. He directs Jeremiah to the Potter’s house on the other side of town to watch the Potter create useful vessels out of broken pieces of clay. A strange order, but Jeremiah obeyed.

The Bible shows us that God uses a variety of methods, circumstances, and opportunities to convey His messages to His preachers, who will in turn, deliver the Word to His people. For example, God taught Hosea from the painful experience of living with an unfaithful wife and Amos while he was watching a plumb line. He gave Ezekiel a message in a valley filled with dry bones and Paul while he observed the gear of a soldier guarding him. God taught a lesson to a starving Peter through a housetop vision of dinner spread on a white sheet before him.

In our text, God gives Jeremiah a message of hope for Israel while he is observing a skilled Potter reworking the broken pieces of a clay vessel into a new and useful work of art. We are reminded that God was then, and still is, in the business of picking up the pieces of our broken lives, even those shattered beyond recognition. The Lord, as only He can, takes these broken lives into His loving, caring and skillful hands and begins to remold, reshape, remake and remodel, until He has created a new vessel in which He can house His Holy spirit. As a matter of fact, that is the message of the entire Bible: God specializes in picking up the pieces of broken lives and molding them into subjects fit for His Kingdom.

I am sure Jeremiah pondered the necessity of this trip. But Jeremiah knew better than to question God’s orders. So he immediately departed for the Potter’s house. He found the potter sitting at his wheel with broken and marred pieces of clay all around. Jeremiah watched as the Potter worked skillfully at his craft.

Jeremiah noticed that the Potter knew just what those pieces of clay should look like. After all, had he not created them himself? He knew just what had to be done to reshape them into service once again. Jeremiah watched as the Potter reached down and scooped up the broken pieces and dipped them in water to soften them, inside and out. The clay that was hard and thick was now soft and workable, able to be remolded by the Potter’s steady hands. He noticed that this clay that had once hardened was again becoming soft and pliable so that the Potter could remake it. Just as sometimes God has to soften us, before He can remake us. God is the master Potter. Only he knows what our vessel should look like. After all, was it not He who made us? Only He has the skill necessary to put the pieces back together again.

Jeremiah watched intensely, searching for the message from the Lord. What would God have him glean from this experience? When would God reveal the purpose for this unexpected trip to this craftsman’s house? The Word of the Lord became clear to him just as it should be clear to us:

O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter?” saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the Potter’s hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel.

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