The Truth is the Light!

Based on Biblical Text: Hebrews 11:1:

Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.

We recognize faith as the genesis of our spiritual understanding. The truth of the matter is void of faith, the Bible becomes merely another book of words. Without faith, the holy writ, though interesting and thought provoking, has little or no impact. However, when we apply faith, the Bible then becomes a valuable resource fulfilling all of our needs. All that the God we serve can and will do for us begins with faith.

Our text is evidence of the writer’s faith. He testifies that faith is so strong that he calls faith evidence. Faith for him is living proof on which we can place all of our hope. We find in another translation that faith is assurance. In this context faith is our assurance, our guarantee, if you will, upon which all else is built. In other words faith, gives us the unquestionable assurance that we belong to God, and He belongs to us.

Faith in its simplest form is merely belief. In other words, God says it, and we believe it. We believe, however, only when we let go of what we know, and apply our faith in God who knows everything. The truth of the matter is though it sounds so simple, folk continue to stumble over the idea.

You see, we listen willingly and accept what God says because we believe that God would never lie to us. Believe me, getting to that point of belief in God can often be complicated! True, for some folk, the journey from unbelief to belief is short. Some folk hear and believe immediately. Lamentably, we find for most folk believing becomes problematic as it is clouded by worldly philosophies and self-righteousness. Not as many people find faith simply by reading the Bible as do people reading other Christians. There are many around us who are watching how we behave, what we say, and, especially, how we interact with others. People around us observe our demeanor, our emotions, and our temperament. And when people see our faith in action, they want what we have.

When we begin to put our faith to work, it then takes on a new confidence. The more we use our faith, the more confident we become in our faith’s ability to sustain us. God knows we need practice to build our confidence. God strengthens us through His permissive will, allowing trials and pitfalls along the way to bolster our confidence in Him. And the more we experience with God, the more confidence we have that God is right there with us through all of life’s challenges.

The question for each of us is simply what is our faith level? Are we limping along and mumbling our miseries? Well, beloved, it is high time to put our faith to the test. If we put on our “glasses of faith,” we will see our Savior listening to every word we pray, watching every choice we make. If we are attentive, we will feel our Savior monitoring the places we go. We will understand that Jesus knows every thought we have and witnesses every moment we live. Jesus is petitioning His Father for mercy.

We are challenged to grab hold of the Solid Rock! If we would only ask, Jesus will help us deal with our temptations and our circumstances. If we would be so bold as to reach out to Him, Jesus will help us handle our fears and frustrations, our troubles, and our torments.

When we walk and talk with Jesus, He will develop in us a visible faith. The world around us will be witness to the fact that the Lord has become our anchor through any adversity and our deliverer in times of despair. Our visible faith will be all the evidence we need to prove that the Lord is real!

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