Results of Organizational Official Board Meeting

At tonight’s Organizational Official Board Meeting, the church completed its Organization for the 2010-2011 Conference Year. After opening with a hymn and prayer from Rev. Rita Bass, Senior Pastor Rev. Joseph Darby welcomed everyone and explained the role and duties of the church’s Official Board as per The Doctrine and Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Voting then proceeded on the following positions on the church’s official board:

  • Church Clerk and Assistant Church Clerk: Sisters Leona Middleton and Claudette Hart, respectively
  • Financial Secretary and Assistant Financial Secretary: Sisters Deborah Jackson and Alma Latten, respectively
  • Treasurer and Assistant Treasurers: Brothers Charlie Shedrick and Jonathan Bass and James Bowles, respectively

The meeting went on with the empaneling of the Steward Board and Trustee Board Subcommittees, the Junior Stewards, the Junior Trustees and, finally, the Class Leaders and Assistant Leaders.

You may download Part Two of the Organization for the 2010-2011 Conference Year by clicking here.

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