Organizational Church Conference Report

Members of the Congregation gathered on Tuesday, October 12 for the annual Organizational Church Conference. After the Congregation joined voices in song, Rev. Rita Bass offered an opening prayer. Then Senior Pastor Rev. Joseph Darby introduced the church’s delegate to the Palmetto Annual Conference, Sister Cheryl Lawrence; she read the Annual Conference Report, sharing details of August 2010 event.

After Rev. Darby shared the names of those nominated for the Board of Stewards, 67 votes were cast for the Board of Trustees for the 2010-2011 Conference Year. Once the votes were tallyed and the results shared, the Congregation joined in the singing of a hymn before Sister Anya Leveille offered the evening’s closing prayer.

The process of Organization will be complete at the Official Board Meeting on Monday, October 25, 2010 with the empaneling of the following Offices and Committees.

  • The Church Clerk and Assistant(s)
  • The Treasurer and Assistant(s)
  • The Financial Secretary and Assistant(s)
  • The Class Leaders and Assistant(s)
  • The Steward Board Subcommittees
  • The Trustee Board Subcommittees
  • The Junior Stewards
  • The Junior Trustees
  • The Commission on Stewardship, Finance and Development

Here’s a complete copy of Part One of the Organization for the 2010-2011 Conference Year.

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