Organizational Church Conference

The Organizational Church Conference is an annual meeting of all members in good and regular standing. The church conference meets at the beginning of each conference year and as needed to:

  • Review and amend the membership roll,
  • Recommend candidates for license to preach to the Quarterly Conference,
  • Petition the Annual Conference for the ordination of local clergy,
  • Provide spiritual and civil instruction to the membership,
  • Approve plans to add to, sell, encumber or otherwise modify the real property of the church.

The Election of Trustees for the 2010-2011 Conference Year will be the last order of business at the Organizational Church Conference on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 6:00 pm. All members of the Congregation are eligible to vote.

The updated list of candidates includes:

  • Brother Marcellis Hart Barron
  • Sister Jamie Bennekin
  • Brother Jacquez Brown
  • Brother Carl Burch
  • Brother John Burnell
  • Brother Steven Capers
  • Brother Carl Curnell
  • Sister Crystal Gathers
  • Sister Florence Gibbs
  • Brother Naaman Gibbs
  • Sister Sylvia Greene
  • Sister Kathy Heyward
  • Sister Kim Jackson
  • Brother William Kizer
  • Sister Alma Latten
  • Sister Cheryl Lawrence
  • Brother Ryan Leveille
  • Sister Wanda Lockhart
  • Sister Jeanette McNeil
  • Brother Ernest Middleton
  • Sister Karen M. Mitchell
  • Sister Judy Pasley
  • Sister Rachel Pitt
  • Sister Lorraine Powers
  • Sister Katrina Preston
  • Brother Nathaniel Rivers
  • Brother William Rivers
  • Brother Julius Scott
  • Sister Shirley Scott
  • Brother William Scott
  • Sister Carlise Shedrick
  • Sister Krystal Taylor
  • Brother Lorenzo Washington
  • Brother Ronald Williams
  • Brother Dexter Wilson
  • Sister Rosa Wilson
  • Brenda G. Wright
  • Brother Carl Young

Don’t just GO to church — BE the church! This is an important opportunity to become involved — don’t miss it!

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