Churches without Backbones

Sherriel Weithers of United Voices for a Common Cause (UVCC) recently sent Morris Brown a website inquiry asking, “Have the black Christian People lost their backbone?” with a link to “Has Black America Lost Its Backbone?” – a column by H. Lewis Smith, founder and President of UVCC.

Mr. Smith makes a strong case for the elimination of the infamous “n-word” from the African-American vocabulary, chronicling our past strength as a community in the face of racism and adversity and lamenting our loss of focus and momentum in recent generations. He takes special note of the profuse use of the aforementioned word in rap and hip hop, saying, “Ministers, community leaders, and civil rights leaders did absolutely nothing to derail this process; instead, they gave this incorrigible travesty its pathetic blessings.”


As Thanksgiving approaches, we should all begin to reflect upon our lives and the blessings He has given us. Please feel free to enter a comment and share with us a few of the things for which you are most grateful this Thanksgiving.

The Nature of Real Love

The inspiration for this week’s thoughts comes from two responses to last week’s thoughts. Last week, I offered my perspective on the November 2 general election – which I still consider to be a disaster of immense proportions – with a reminder that even when we don’t win, God requires us to keep trying to make a difference.

Young Adult Choir Concert

Join us Sunday, November 21 at 5:00 pm for the annual concert of Morris Brown AME Church’s own Young Adult Choir. Directed by Rev. Rita Bass and Sister Lisa Montgomery, the renowned choir will perform original musical arrangements by Brother Oscar Rivers and a mix of familiar favorites by popular contemporary gospel artists.

Bad Election Results, Good Opportunities

This week’s thoughts – as those who know their pastor well might have guessed – come in the wake of the November 2 general election. Since the election is over, I no longer have to be pastorally neutral and can share my political thoughts – those who don’t agree with me can write their own columns!

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